• About DMS

Terms and Conditions.

DM Solution is engaged in providing best solutions to their clients. As digital marketing firm, our main focus is to provide a unique and customized approach which portrays clients’ strong image among its competitors. We cater both E-Commerce businesses as well as businesses of service industry. Service businesses include education, travel agencies, real estate agencies, consultant firms, logistics and more.
  1. We assure our clients to generate guaranteed sales with our strategies either for E-Commerce or service based business.
  2. We also benefit our clients with our refund policy.
  3. We promise our clients to generate the order or increase their sales volume but if the orders will be cancelled for any reason we are not responsible for it.
  4. Our contract is designed for 6 months duration. Clients pay 3 months advance payment in the beginning of the contract. After 3 months they will pay again for the remaining three months advance payment.
  5. We also set some targets with our clients about the sales volume before starting work on their projects. If we fail to achieve our target then we refund the remaining target amount with the respect to this formula.

Achieved Sales Volume / Total Targeted Sales x Remaining Sales Target = Refund Amount

6. If a client will not be satisfied with our services and want to breach the contract so, he can utilize our refund policy. But if our client wants to cancel the contract before three months we will not refund the amount. Client has to wait for three more months to be entitled for a refund.